Thursday, March 29, 2007

Piano Recital

I would like to congratulate all the children that participated in the piano recital. They all did a great job, among the kids that were there from the ASA was Kashia Jones and Danyelle Stevenson. At the recital they had a special Guest that use to attend H.S. Thompson in their piano class, and now he is a professional piano player. That just shows you that your dreams can and one day will come true.

Ms. Sylvia

Storytime with Deshaumbra

I would love to shine on Deshaumbra for reading with her classmates during centers yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the children wanted to both read and enjoy the sunshine, so they read outside. I would also like to shine on Dyesha and Oscar for respecting their fellow classmate as she read aloud and shared the story with them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Photography Class (4th & 5th grades)

The pictures that these kids are taking (already!) amaze me!! And not only that, they are learning to use PhotoShop! I'd like to think I'm fairly experienced in PhotoShop, but these guys already know so much more than I do... Thanks to Mr. Wendell for this awesome opportunity at the ASA!


The kids are such a positive influence on me. Sometimes I find myself laughing with them. They are smart. And no matter how old they get they still learn by watching. During centers it's the best time to learn from the kids. They bring joy to me and I love to see them having a great time.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Foot loose but College-bound!

The After-School Academy's Spring Break was full of events. I was able tag along on Thursday as they went to Texas A & M-Commerce.

Dr. Foote is in charge of the Education Department. She came and talked with us about college, read us a book, and then gave us squeezable lions (the Texas A & M-Commerce mascot) so that we could relieve our stress on the TAKS test.

We met Mr. Jerome, who runs the Rec center. The Rec center was really cool. We went on their basketball courts, ran around their indoor track, saw the huge rock wall, looked in the windows of the racquetball court, and then looked at their huge outdoor pool, sand volleyball courts, and basketball courts...all for college students! Mr. Jerome was so impressed with the way we listened and greeted him that he invited us back in to give us each a t-shirt!

We also met a campus police officer who gave us each a police badge tattoo that we could put on our arm.

Throughout our trip we were toured around by college students who used to be in our after-school and summer programs. Main is a Business major. He is a barber on the side, which helps him make money for college. Bridgette is an English major. She wants to teach English when she graduates. Keith is a Kinesiology major. Kinesiology has to do with sports. He is a football player for the Texas A & M-Commerce Lions. Jessica is an Education major. She has taught us in the summer before. She came to join us after her classes were over and before she went to work at the Boys & Girls Club.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our trip to Texas A & M-Commerce fun and educational!