Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great Paper Mash

How do YOU recycle?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another week, another success!

The kids are finishing the 2nd week of Teen University, and it was great. The students visited the U.S. Mint and Texas Instruments. The first presentation of College 101 was given on Wednesday by Jamacah and me. The topic was 'Myths about College', and we played a small Friday, Ms. Tameka Caldwell came by and gave a workshop on Finanacial Literacy and we all participated in 'The Game of Life'. As the 'Utilities Manager' and 'Landlord', it was interesting to see the kids go through the experience of the adult life. Paying bills, budgeting their paychecks, receiving Noise Violation tickets and whatnot. The workshop was awesome, and I hope to see more energy like that through the days of Teen University!
- Dranoel

Have You Ever Played LIFE?

The game of LIFE is not a board game! It is actually a game that deals with financial planning and your financial future. To me, this game is like going to J.A Biz town without any breaks. You do things, like go to the bank to make deposits, pay loans, and get your pay check amount. You also start of with a bill payment guide and calendar that has the place where you need to pay your bills. Although LIFE is educational and fun, you have to pay attention and understand what you are doing.


Oil Spills, Peas, and Pizzas, Oh My!

After a Hard Day's Work

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pinwheels and Wind Turbines

I wanted to make sure the kids understood that the pinwheels they were making today were a part of a bigger lesson on wind energy. I was pleasantly surprised when the tables turned and they began explaining to me how wind turbines work!

Never underestimate the learning abilities of a child.

Library Learning

As I was observing the Green Team implementing their weather/environment workshop, I got a pleasant surprise. Jailyn and Trinity started greeting me in sign language!

Every day after the After-School Academy is over (around 2:00 p.m.), Trinity and Jailyn head over to the Library/Bookstore. Two days a week, Ms. Brittany teaches sign language. Evidently, they're catching on! :)

Texas Instruments

One of the jobs I learned about today at Texas Instruments was the Auditor. The auditor's job is to vist the production plants and make sure the the employees are doing their jobs and following policies.

My favorite part about today was to see all the wonderful things that techonlgy gives us and to see all the things you can do with just a small chip.

My First Day at T.I.

One of my favorite parts about going to Texas instruments was when I went in the Theater Room. In there I saw a couple of 3-D movie previews that dealt with the D.L.P projector using 3-D glasses to watch. The D.L.P projector is actually with Texas Instruments and is really cool to use when watching a 3-D movie.

What I learned was when you take interviews for the job you want they could ask you about the experiences you have had and how would you deal with certain situations. I also learned that college teaches you how to apply and learn more on whatever you want to succeed in. Going to T.I for the first time was very interesting and cool. I enjoyed myself


Our Field Trip to T.I.!

Today, I went to a field trip at TI (Texas Instruments). I learned that the majority of the
employees have a degree in Computer Science.

Also, I learned that they just don't make calculators they make other things too.
They also make computer software. Today was a good trip... I look forward to going back.



Green Teams 1st workshop

Today the Green Team Kids had their first workshop. The events went well even though it was off to a slow start.

The projector did not work with the computer we had so Chris and I had to go to Best Buy and purchase a connector for my Mac and a guitar amp. Once we returned we found that Rubenn had the kids under control with his pin-wheel project. After everything got hooked up we then realized the picture was green... Janet fixed it buy jiggling the cord.

Since we got off to a slow start we did not get a chance to show "Wall-E." Next workshop will be over solar energy. Since the character Wall-E is powered by solar energy we can use the movie to help with the explanation.

If you want to know any more look up Rubennn and Alondra's blog, it will explain more.... till next time stay funky kids!


Weather Workshop #1!

Today, was the Green Team's first Environmental Workshop, with the ASA Kids, and we had a blast learning!

Throughout the day, unfortunately we had some technical difficulties, and had to quickly change our plans at last minute! BUT, things worked out great!

We engaged the kids into learning about Wind Energy and how Wind Turbines create electricity. We followed a short speech with a pinwheel activity, and held a contest to see who created one the best. This made the kids very enthusiastic about the activities and made them anticipate for what was to come.

Next, we introduced them to Geothermal Energy, and they had already had a little background on this topic. We had them do a easy activity sheet, informing them about more details of Geothermal Energy. Then, our project was to show them none other than the Mentos & Coke Experiment! Demonstrating how the heat of the earth can force water, or gas to burst from the ground. The kids absolutely loved it, and learned about "Old Faithful."

The kids had a 30 minute lunch break, and when they returned we had them watch a short animated film about the Carbon Cycle, followed by another activity sheet. The activity sheet contained questions about how much energy they used in their homes, at school, etc. Once they had an idea of what the Carbon Cycle was, they each recieved candy due to their great progress.

The last activity contained of dirt, water, sand, panty hose, and gravel. What could kids possibly do with all these? Clean water, ofcourse! We took the children outside and asked about what they thought the dirty water contained. Once they answered, we gave them a chance to pour dirt, leaves, sticks, trash, & every dirty thing into a bottle of water. We asked how we could clean this and explain the process of filtriation. Once inside, they got the opportunity to build their own filter out of cotton balls, panty hose, and sponges. They filtered dirty water to, somewhat clean water.

Some things the Green Team learned was that candy + kids, do NOT mix after lunch. We might have some minor things to improve on, but we know that next workshop, the kids will enjoy it 100%. Their comments and feedback are helping us improve till next workshop.

-Green Team. (Ruben Ramirez, Alondra Sanchez)

Teen U Students Visit the US MINT!

As a Career Connection Enrichment fieldtrip, the Teen U students got the opportunity to visit the U.S. Mint in FortWorth on Tuesday. The students went on an insightful tour of the Mint and learned all about how the money they spend is produced. They realized during the tour that money production is a very tedious and complex process. Producing money is such an intricate procedure that there are over 800 jobs available to ensure that the money is printed and produced at the highest quality.After the tour, the students visited the gift shop where they each recieved a bag of money worth one hundred and fifty dollars!!! The money was a mixture of shredded and defective bills, of course, but they didn't seem to mind one little bit (no pun intended). They also got a chance to stand next to the "How Tall Are You Worth" tube near the entrance of the Mint. This was was huge clear column filled with shredded money, and based on your height, it gives you an estimate of your worth. The Students really enjoyed this experience and they are still talking about it to this day!!!

P.S.-Would you like to experience fun like this while YOU learn? Visit the Teen Center to Join TeenU today!!!

My Field Trip to Texas Instruments

One thing I learned on our field trip at TI (Texas Instruments) was that they test a little chip in our phones, our cameras, and pretty much all technology.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The news never stops...

Camera Operator: Kwane

Just another day on the farm...

The Silent Interview

On yesterday, I had my first sign language session in the library, from 3-3:30. I felt as though I set myself up for failure because at this time of day, the library goers are usually a bit antsy, and we get a group of kids from the ASA. The circle initally began with about 7 or 8 participants. We began working on the manual alphabet. I wasn't sure how many of the ladies were already familiar with it, so I started slow.

One of the youngest participants, Tatiana, was already having an off-day and had a not-so-good attitude. I lost her before I had even began--or so I thought. I was fearful that because she was unattentive; she wouldn't retain anything that we were working on.

Some distractions here, a parent pick-up there. Gradually the circle minimized. It was only 3 ladies left--Aneja, Trinity, and Tatiana. They worked on learning how to sign "What's your name?" and "My name is--." It was amazing to see that they had not only learned the entire manual alphabet, but also how to spell their names & each other's names in only a 30 minute session.

-Brittany Stubblefield

Monday, June 21, 2010

Insects, Bugs and Crustaceans….

Last week my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class discovered Sparky (an escaped insect from Ms. Danielle’s class). Rather than be upset that Sparky was disrupting my Morning Meeting, I asked the class if they wanted to catch him. They responded with a resounding “YES”.

Originally, I had planned for the class to continue a study of Rain Forest and Ocean habitats. However, after noting their excitement over Sparky; I asked them if they would like to go outside and catch other bugs. Thus began my class’s infatuation with all things creepy and crawly. In the past seven days I have learned more about centipedes, millipedes, lady bugs, worms and roly polies then I had ever learned in 16 years of formal education.

Below are the Top Five Facts the kids have taught me. Also, note that some of the information we learned through observation as the children have built a habitat for the roly poise.

5. Centipedes eat roly polies.

4. Roly Polies eat dead leaves and grass.

3. Lady bugs can be red or orange with black spots.

2. Roly Polies are crustaceans not bugs or insects.

1. Roly polies breath through their “feet” . They have gill like structures not lungs.

- Chrystalin (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher)

Mr. Aviant makes the Connection

So today the 2nd-3rd graders learned about oil spills and simulated one of their own (hopefully video will come out soon; I brought home the wrong FLIP). I just wished to share an "Aha!" moment with you.

Over the past week, the kids have been learning about resources and have developed the concept that things are made from other things using other things. Today, I had made some simulated oil for our activity and had set it aside for the afternoon, when I noticed that it was missing midway through the morning.

Oh my goodness, I thought prematurely to myself, I don't want to get on to another kid.

I looked around and noticed Mr. Aviant hurrying to the door with the oil in hand.

"Aviant!" I shouted as I went to fetch him, "Where are you going with that?"

"I'm going to the place where they make bottles!" he answered nonchalantly as he continued out the door.

His answer stopped me dead in my tracks. You see, I had yet to tell them that this was oil (though vegetable oil wouldn't make very good plastic, but they don't know that yet), but Aviant had seen it, and applying what he had learned last week about plastic, bottles, and oil (and reading the book I've had lying on the shelf since the summer started), he decided he was going to go make bottles out of his newly found oil.

It's so wonderful being inspired by kids.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to Teen U, Again! =)

Even though I have worked with Teen University for half a year, it is still exciting for me to work at Teen U for the summer. It is good to see the familiar faces participating in the program(Phantasia, Phasia, Chasity, Crystal, Sharde), as well as some new faces (Kadriana, Jorrell). And also I have co-workers who were apart of Teen U during the school year(Reisha, Shannon, Brittany). And I can't forget my new co-workers and fellow colleagues, Iman and Jamacah. The first two weeks has been great, and it's only the beginning. The teens are here, and I am ready to get it in gear!:) This is going to be an exciting summer at Roseland, I can feel it.

-Dranoel Wilson

I Got Caught Doing Something Good

With the beginning of the summer programming at the Roseland Library and Bookstore, the staff implemented the "Got Caught Doing Something Good" jar. Although it is only a recycled animal cracker jar, the kids that come to the library are very eager to get their name in the jar. The winner gets to pick out one book of their choice within the library to make their own library.

Our first weekly recipient of the "Got Caught Doing Something Good" was Ta'Kyra. She is an avid library participant and also is an attendant at the After School Academy's Summer Enrichment Program. I witnessed her be a leader within her peer group and even demonstrate respect and social encounterings surpassing those older than her. She always greets the staff and any other adult that enters the library. She even helped us with constructing our library expectations.

I am overly excited about Ta'Kyra's performance over this summer in the library. Until next week...she was caught red-handed--doing something good.

Blues Clues Brings All Ages Together

Throughout the week, I have noticed the kids in the library tend to group together by age. However, after all but two kids left today, I was scratching my brain on how I was going to entertain them both because they are on different reading levels. When the four year old went to the book shelf and picked up a book he was interested in reading, I told him he was a genius. He looked at me with a funny face because he did not know I didn't know what to do so he really did not know how he had saved the day. All three of us sat on the ground and the four year old and I listened as we were read to. I had never read a Blues Clues book because it came out after my childhood years, but I was moved on how it was able to bring 3 people of 3 different ages together.

Greetings!!! From Teen University

We have reached the end of our first week here at Teen University. This week we focused on Greeting. Greeting is a very important social skill and if it is done properly it can make a persons day. A proper greeting serves as an introduction which is essential for meeting someone new or acknowledging someone you already know. Sharde uses a flipshare to demonstrate a proper greeting. She understands that a proper greeting consist of saying Goodmorning or Goodafternoon, making eye contact with the person you are speaking to, a firm handshake, and speaking clearly. This skill has become a natural part of everyones day here at Teen University and should be adopted by all.

Operation: GET HENRY A JOB

On yesterday, Teen U was ecstatic to have Ms. Hazel Davis present a job readiness workshop. She taught the teenagers about the stereotypes employers may have against them.
  • Irresponsible
  • Play to much
  • Mean
  • Lack of a strong work ethic
  • Know it alls
Despite these stereotypes, Ms. Davis told the students that they should not get discouraged. She told them how to impress potential employers when they have little to no experience by researching the company, making good grades, having perfect attendance, and volunteering for different organizations. We had fun with group games and the TEEN U students stated they could not wait until Ms. Davis comes back to give more workshops about resumes, networking, and how to dress for interviews.

Our first summer adventure... Wild Walkabouts

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Picture


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Dirty Dirty Air

Today the 2nd-3rd graders (after an...interesting bout at the healthy eating adventure challenge) continued their studies on pollution, and we made our very own pollution catchers! We painted old food cans then covered them in double-sided tape; we'll check them in about a week or so and find out about the air quality in this area.

Of course, the kids decided they wanted theirs on the roof...and Mr. Chris found out that shimmying up poles is not his forte.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dallas Arboretum – Garden and Wild walkabout

Above is a montage of photos from the ASA first field trip. They went to the Dallas Arboretum.

-Chrystalin (3rd, 4th, 5th grade ASA teacher)

A day at the Dallas Arboretum

So much fun and Learning

Today we took the kids on a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum. They had so much fun. They learned a lot about the different flowers, animals, and insects. They also caught dragon flies and put them inside this Magnifying Glass and looked close at it and named the type of dragon fly it was. Some children caught two at once they were very excited !!! One student named Joshua caught one and he named it Joshua Jr. (Awww... how cute) He was very sad when he had to let it go.

We also visited the Peter Rabbit Exhibit. It was very cool the kids loved it and we also so this giant rabbit. It was sooooo neat!!!! All in all... I think the kids enjoyed themselves even though they were complaining about the heat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The arboretum

Today, we attended a field trip at The Dallas Arboretum. During the walkabout, we had the opportunity to catch dragonflies. One of my kids, Joshua, caught a dragonfly and named him Joshua. He wanted to keep it and take it home but he couldn't so we had to let it go way back in to the wild.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Going Green, but Not in the Environmentally Friendly Way

Today we learned about pollution and natural resources, and so after looking at some gross (one of the boys insisted that he showered in it every day, much to the dismay of the girls) pictures of water pollution, we drew our own versions of water pollution. This is one of the pictures drawn, notice their teacher (Mr. Chris) is one of the contaminants...

At least I'll be cool with the boys!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memphis Civil Rights and College Trip

Our Civil Rights/College trip started at 10:00 p.m. on Friday evening. Eight charter buses full of 400+ teenagers and chaperones left City Hall to head to Memphis, TN for a whirlwind trip thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and staff.

The itinerary:

  • LeMoyne-Owen College--tour and breakfast
  • Stax museum
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Beale Street
  • Mud Island for lunch
  • Drive by the Clinton Library and Central High School
  • Philander Smith College--tour and dinner
It was a crazy schedule. I admit, I wasn't real hopeful of accomplishing all of it. But, as you see in Shenandoah's video above, we were able to make it to every place on the trip...with a slight little adjustment of driving by Beale Street instead of stopping.

I'll write more later once I edit the other videos.

First time to meet... The big greeting... The talk...