Friday, April 22, 2011

MTU College Trip- University of North Texas

The teens took a college trip to University of North Texas on Saturday April 2, 2011. They were able to attend various workshops that provided them with an abundance of information about the university, and the different majors they offer. They also learned about the extracurricular activities that they could get involved in if they were to become a student on that campus. The teens enjoyed visiting the University of North Texas, and they had many questions about life on a college campus. They absolutely can’t wait to go visit other Universities.

After the college tour, they were able to tour an organic restaurant and grocery store so they could learn more about organic foods and how they are grown and prepared. The teens really enjoyed touring the grocery store and reading the labels on many of the food items to see how they differed from other food items that they normally eat and buy from the grocery store near their home.

Rubik's Cube Challenge!

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During the spring break Lock-In, the teens tried to solve the Rubik’s cube. Some of them found it easier to use the book “The Simple solution to Rubik’s Cube”, and some of the teens thought it would be easier to figure it out on their own. The teens stayed up until 3am making it a friendly competition between them. Some of the teens were so determined to solve the Rubik’s cube that night, that they fell asleep with the Rubik’s book and the Rubik’s cube beside them (Maybe they thought the solution would come to them in a dream J ). The Rubik’s cube challenge continues!

MTU Book Club

Every Monday evening Mid Teen University has a book club at various eateries throughout the North Dallas area. We host the book club at different eateries so that we can challenge their taste buds, and expose them to various foods that they might not have chosen to try if they were out eating on their own. For the past few weeks they have been reading the book “Seedfolks” by Paul Fleischman. The teens are not only enjoying this book because they can relate to the garden elements, but they are personally relating to the story and struggles of many of the individuals in the book. They often relate some of the challenges that are expressed in the book to their own life and personal challenges that they experience in their community.

At the first book club meeting we asked the teens to answer the question “What does the word Seedfolks mean to you?” Mid Teen University student La’Kyra Pattin wrote, “I think the word Seedfolks means something that you start off with important in your heart that is small, and then as it grows; just like how plants grow in a garden.”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Garden in the City!"

The teens are reading the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman. This book has a lot to do with gardening in the city. So we decided to take the teens to the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fairpark so they could get more back ground information about gardening in the city, as well as gain information about maintaining their garden at the ASA.

MTU went to Texas Discovery Gardens for one of their spring break fieldtrips. The Texas Discovery Gardens were offering many different and activities throughout the week of spring break. One of their themes for the week was “Garden in the City,” and because of this they offered many garden related activities, and information sessions relating to gardening in the city. Some of the things that they learned about were composting, planting wild flowers, greenhouses, and etc. The teens enjoyed the Texas discovery gardens, and they were able to gain a lot more knowledge about gardening in the city!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Design Squad-Watercraft!


The challenge in this design squad activity was to see if the kids could design and build a boat out of straws and plastic wrap that could hold one or two AA batteries for at least ten seconds before sinking. The teens were force to ask themselves how they could design and build a boat that not only floats, but can withstand a heavy load. They also had to determine how big they needed to make their boat, and if their boat should be a platform (raft), or an open boat (canoe). This activity also taught the kids about the design process because they constantly had to build, test, evaluate and redesign until they got the results that they desired. Although this activity did bring about a little frustration in the beginning, when the teens finally got the results that they were seeking it eventually turned into a friendly competition to see whose boat could hold the most and stay afloat the longest. J

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Design Squad-Paper Table!

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The challenge in this design squad activity was to see if the kids could figure out ways to use tubes of newspaper to make a table that is at least 8 inches tall, and strong enough to hold a heavy book. This activity called for a lot of trial and error, but once the kids were able to figure out ways to make a paper table that was tall enough and strong enough, the challenge was on! Eventually, it became a competition to see who could make the strongest table, and whose table could withstand the most amount of weight without tumbling over.