Friday, April 22, 2011

MTU Book Club

Every Monday evening Mid Teen University has a book club at various eateries throughout the North Dallas area. We host the book club at different eateries so that we can challenge their taste buds, and expose them to various foods that they might not have chosen to try if they were out eating on their own. For the past few weeks they have been reading the book “Seedfolks” by Paul Fleischman. The teens are not only enjoying this book because they can relate to the garden elements, but they are personally relating to the story and struggles of many of the individuals in the book. They often relate some of the challenges that are expressed in the book to their own life and personal challenges that they experience in their community.

At the first book club meeting we asked the teens to answer the question “What does the word Seedfolks mean to you?” Mid Teen University student La’Kyra Pattin wrote, “I think the word Seedfolks means something that you start off with important in your heart that is small, and then as it grows; just like how plants grow in a garden.”


Janet Morrison

I love this post! Did you guys pose those shots?? :) And I love the description, too...and the quote from La'Kyra. Thanks for sharing!