Friday, December 28, 2007

Working toward our future

I want to send out shines to Jazmine and Phantasia for taking time out of their Christmas break to attend the College Prep Day on Thursday, December 27. I am very proud of them for starting to prepare for college now, while still in middle school.

They did things like prepare a resume and learn what they need to start doing now to add to their resume. They worked on the computers to type up their resume. They practiced writing scholarship essays and learned how to mind map in order to make it easier. They really did a great job!

I would like to start doing a college prep day once a month on Saturdays. Who would be interested? If you are interested or you have a child that is interested, please comment here or call or talk to me when you see me.

Here are some pictures from the College Prep Day:

Jazmine compiling her resume:
Doesn't Phantasia look so pretty in this picture?
Ms. Cres helping everyone put their resumes on the computer:

Ms. Cres talking to the group about college expectations:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Pics

Kaluum & Rodney learning to play chess.

Mrs. Sylvia building the ASA kids character. LOL:)

Mr. Checo's science class.->


I just wanted to post some pics on the blog, for the kids and the community to see.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Mavs Game

C.J., Zedrick, Janiya and I went to the Mavs game on Wednesday. THE MAVS WON!!!!! They were on a bit of a losing streak. We all had soooo much fun!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Practice what you preach!

Michael brought a new volunteer to the ASA today...and I didn't bother to greet him!!

Michael noticed I didn't greet him and helped me remember. I didn't set a very good example. I'm glad so many of you do such a great job at your greetings...and I really appreciating you reminding me to do the same!

Thanks, Michael!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Future Dancers!!

This past Friday my daughter Phantasia performed at the South Dallas Cultural Center. It is a beautiful site. Ms. Vikki is a great person, I love her spirit. She opened her doors to the children here at the After School Academy. Phantasia volunteers when she can at the After School Academy, this is her second year volunteering, she is now a 7th grader and I am very proud of her. She has grown so much over the summer. I will continue to support her in her endevor to be a dancer. I talked with Ms. Vikki about her and Jazmine taking dancing lesson at the South Dallas Culture Center and I am hoping that they will take the classes so they can become professionals one day. Keep up the good work Phantasia, I love you!!! You did a excellent job. This is her dance team, they are all students at Pearl C. Anderson.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ms. Thompson

Why is the store called Big Daddy's? And why did you name the school after you? And did you live in a house or a apartment? And why was the store called Thompson's?

I asking these questions because I want to know about Ms. Thompson's life. In two weeks we are going to ask Ms. Thompson these questions in an interview.

Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson had a store cross of H.S. Thompson. And he had a grand daughter that lived the other side across of H.S. Thompson. And H.S. Thompson is my school. Zedric Colquitt. And I like the school. And we going to talk to Mr. Thompson's grand daughter and she gonna tell us a few informations about Turner Court at the ASA Academy.

The stores around our community

when did they build the frunt park when did they build big daddy,s when did they build my house.

About Mr. Bill

I learned about asking questions and I got it from Mr. Bill.

I learned how to ask questions. "Why did Bubba's call Snappy's?" Why I'm asking this question because I need to know. Mr. Bill told us when the store was called snappies.


I know that Bubbles used to be called and when Mr.Bill was going to school he had to walk on a mudding and at H.S.Thompson the grades was only 1st~8th gradeand he went staight to high school.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mr. Bill

Today I lernd about how you had to walk on mud or dirt roads to school and Mr. Bill told us that they had to walk on top of the train track and sometimes the train would stop and people would be late for their job. The police station was here since 1960.

Monday, November 05, 2007

we ask questions

This was before Big daddy was build.

Before JBC was build it was called Snappy's.

Before Rocher sheter park. When Mr. Bill was my age and was just dirt roads.


Mr. Bill Rhodes

Mr. Bill Rhodes told us something about Turner Courts, and the school H.S. Thompson. He said he had to walk on the gravel to get to school. Mr. Thompson had a store across H.S. Thompson. His granddaughter lives across the other side of H.S. Thompson, Mr. Thompson gave the kids pork rines. When he was in the 8th grade he had to walk all the way to Hastings to catch the bus.

His family moved here in 1948.

Mr. Bill was living here since 1948. And when he was going to school the road was gravel. Across hatcher the white people live. Button (Bon Ton) was a cafe and were they have parties.
(Mr. Bill told us about the prices at the movie theater on Bexar and 175)
The people dug under the tracks so the cars could go under and the train could still drive on the tracks.
This school was grades was 1st-8th grade.

Today me and Traenieshia about Mr.Bill was living here since 1948.And when he was goning to school the roads was just dirt.Aross hatcher was were the white people live and the black. And buttun was cafe .

Mr. Bill Rhodes

I learned how to ask people questions. I raised my hand and Mr. Bill Rhodes answered me.

I know what happened about the store. It was called Snappy's. The ground was like dirt and it was rocks. He was walking on the hard ground to school.

And I greeted Mr. Bill Rhodes. And I recorded Mr. Bill Rhodes.

What I learned at school today.

Today at school I learned that one is a odd number, and two is a even number. I learned about thanksgiving and what we are going to eat at thanksgiving. I read "I see" in science class and it was about a lady who watches and says hello to animals.

WhyILike The asa ?They have games like connect four and chess.And they have comuputers and they have yummy dinner! By Zedric

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I hope all the kids had as much fun as I did yesterday. How did those popcorn balls taste? Good I hope, because I didn't get one. LOL!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What we have learned in the technology class

The internet went down before the kids could post. Here are their responses to what they have learned in their technology class:

Zedric (8 yrs):
When the future come, other people can learn about the ASA. They can learn the rules about it and what happened to the future when I was making this blog right now for the people to learn about the ASA Academy and me. This is in response to our conversation about learning about our history and writing about it because of our finding that there is such little information available on Rochester Park.

Jordan (11 yrs):
We are planning to put something on the map to tell people that we are still living cause if we didn’t have anything on the map, people would think we were extinct like dinosaurs.

And to make people go on the map and find Turner Courts and they will find ASA Academy and they will see all people and they will see Zedric and much more people at the After-School Academy.

I learned that other people go on the internet and do some research on us and learn a lot about us. And my favorite thing is that people can learn about us from the past to the future.

Daedrin (8 yrs): What we learned about is respect. And we learned how to do stuff on the computer.

Traeniesha: I learned about Turner Courts because I live and I go to places in Turner Courts.

Amyah (6 yrs): I heard a lady talking and asking the man questions in kind of a talk. This, in response to the interview that was played to help give the class an idea of how to conduct an interview.

Questions we want to know about Turner Courts

Jordan’s plan to start the interview:
Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m just wondering if I could ask some questions. I’m doing this for the ASA program because we was learning about our map (wikimapia) and we saw that on the map there was nothing about Turner Courts. So, do you mind?

What was here at/before the After-School program?

When did they build JBC?

What was here before Bubba’s?

When did they build the red park in Turner Courts?

When did they build Turner Courts?

When did they build Rochester Park?

What was here before Turner Courts?

Where did you go to elementary, junior high, and high school?

When did they hire people for JBC? (When did they start working in the store?)

Why did they build Turner Courts?

Where did you go to buy groceries?

Why is this called Bon Ton?

When did they plant trees?

Why did they build a church and nobody is at it?

When did people come?

When companies or businesses were here when you weren’t born?

When did they break the swings at the back park?

Why did they build the gym?

Why do people have guns over here?

When did the dogs start coming here?

Why do the people hang out on the corner?

Where did people hang out when you were growing up?

Why is the projects called Turner Courts?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was sent home because I supposedly didn't have the right uniform on.My uniform was correct. That's not fair!!!!!!!! DISD schools don't care if you learn, they worry about how you look. One of my teachers told I look like I'm going to the club. I had on a pair of shoes that were plaid, and some brown socks.
Jazmine Harris

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Way To Go!!!!

We had a couple of kids contribute to the penny drive-Jordan H and Raquasha.

Jordan W. did not have homework yesterday so his homework was to help Oscar and Zedric with their homework. WAY TO GO !!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

friends forever

kaluum is smart.

Aleah said,we saw some pictchers about science.And we played on the playgroud with my friends Rosa the game was called jason.I ate me a supergood slpyjoe.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

CJ's Fruit and Veggies Rap Song

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #29 - CJ's Fruit and Veggies Rap Song

This is CJ's origial recording of his Fruit and Veggies Rap Song. Enjoy!

Jordan's Original Fruits and Veggies Song

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #28 - Jordan's Original Fruits and Veggies Song

This is Jordan's Original recording of his Fruits and Veggies Song! Enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Central Market

We tasted some new fruits. Ms. Lily gave us a cupcake and I had chocolate. And we tasted some bubble gum ice cream. And Ms. Janet should have came to get some bubble gum ice cream.

You know that watermelon? Oooh, that watermelon was good! And they had some good music. I was holding that watermelon and dancing with the music.

The ugly harlem...I forgot that...It was kinda good. The first side was nasty then the other side it was good.


"Our Future"

Why are there so many overweight children? I can think of a lot of reasons why, but which is correct. My personal opinion is that it start at home. When we first discovered that we were going to be a parent, we should start by eating healthy. I know for a fact that while you are carrying the child they are fed through you, so we should practice eating healthy while thay are still in the womb. Easy as this may sound, it is not!!! but It is not too late. As you can see we have already got started and now are finished. We are now at the end of our summer camp, today is the last day Boo Hoo!!! but we are going to use this program in the fall. It has been a journey but a good one. The kids have learned alot about eating and staying healthy. They have done a wonderfull job!! Congratulations!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today we had a lot of fun we played.

Deshaumbra Photo Story

ASA is fun, I like when Deshaumbra did her photo story.

Miss Janet

We exercised with Miss Janet. She is a nice teacher.

She told me she loved me.

What We Did Today

Today, we had exercise class with Ms. Janet we did jumping jacks.
We ate healthy snack turkey spaghetti.
My favorite thing today was the Monster Game.

Exercising is what we did today

What we did today is exercising. We did 6-point push ups. 1) First, you squat down on your feet and then you put your hands on the floor. 2) And then you get your feet out. 3) And then you push up. 4)
Then push down. 5) Then, you get back on your feet. 6) Then you stand up. That was the 6-point push ups.

I love fruits and vegetables because they are good for you. We tried some eggplant. We tried mango. We saw the jackfruit. We tried cantelope. We tried temptation melon. That's all.

How to do the reach throughs. 1) First, you're standing up. 2) And then you take your hands and then you open your legs open. 3) And then you put your hands through your legs. 4) And then you can feel the pain.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today we did some excise we some e~mail then we did photojurling.

Photo Story

It was cute. It was fun and my favorite thing to do today.

Ms. Julie

We are picking blueberries. I love picking blueberries. The blueberries are so sweet and good.

Julie she showed us how to get all the Photo Story. Ms. Julie showed us how can you put the headphones on your ears and you can talk through it. And I talked about Mr. darrin. You know why? KABOSHA!!

What we did today

We had a water break.

We made new exercises. We made a jumping twist exercise. First, you jump. Then you twist at the same time. We did sit-ups. First you put your the gluteous maximus on the floor and then you have to have a partner to hold your feet and then you start sitting up.

We did something really cool on the computer. We got our pictures off the computer. We put on headsets. We talked into the computer. We recorded ourself for the pictures. And after we was done, we pressed save, we pressed 2007, and we looked at our pictures and we picked our own pictures.

The exercise class

Today we exercised. We did some stretches. We did the w-h-i-r-l-y stretch! it was fun

What We Did Today

In Ms. Jasmine class we made posters of different kind of exercises.
In Ms. Janet class I made a photo story. I had fun today in both classes.
What I liked best was the photo story class.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jordan H. interviewing Daedrin

Jordan H. interviewing Daedrin (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #24)

Daedrin interviewing Jordan H.

Daedrin interviewing Jordan H. (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #23)

How did you eat your blueberries??

I'm interested to did you eat your blueberries?

This morning I had cereal for breakfast and put about three big handfuls of blueberries in my cereal! Yummmmm...yummmm!

I looked up a recipe for Lemon-Blueberry muffins that I'm going to try tonight.

What about you?

Friday, August 03, 2007

we went shopping

today we had went shopping,

We had fun at the grocery store!!!!!

We went to the grocery store and I was in Ms. Keilani's group and we picked out vegetables. We got broccoli, potatoes, spinach, salad, onions, and carrots. Kamaurja and I got to pick out all the fruit.

What We Did Today

Today, We went to the grocery store and Ms. Keilani and CJ had a list of stuff to get. Our group had to get broccoli, salad, potatoes, red onions, spinach, and carrots. I checked the price on all the vegetables and weighed them too . We had exercise class, and we did stretches and Ms.
Keilani did the splits for our class.

The field trip

Today we went to the grocery store and we picked out milk, coffee, eggs and we supposed to pick out frozen yogurt. We couldn't find the yogurt. It was only ice cream in that aisle. I was so mad because I really wanted some frozen yogurt, because yesterday we made a fruit smoothie with frozen yogurt and it was yummy to my tummy.

Exercise Class!!!!

We did stretches, lifted weights. After that we took a break. Then we got some water.

What did I learn today

It was fun going to the Wal-mart. And I was looking for the stuff with Ms. Jasmine. And I want to interview you, again.

Daedrin: Did you have fun at the Wal-mart?

Jasmine: Yes.

Daedrin: Did you be good?

Jasmine: Yes.

Daedrin: Did you talk about somebody?

Jasmine: Like did I talk bad about somebody?

Daedrin: Yea.

Jasmine: No, I didn't.

Daedrin: You makin' up a story. You did act bad.

Jasmine: What are you talking about, Daedrin?

Daedrin: I"m talking about you being bad.

Jasmine: Can you be more specific?

Daedrin: No.

Jasmine: Can I ask you a question?

Daedrin: Yes.

Jasmine: What was your favorite thing about going to the grocery store?

Daedrin: It was fun. I've been good. I wasn't bad like Ms. Jasmine.

Summer Camp is my favorite!!!!!

Today we pick out fruit with Ms. Sylvia at the grocery store. We exercised with Ms. Jasmine.

Ms. Janet taught us how to use the headphones yesterday.
Don't pull down the microphone.
Wrap up the cord nice and neat.
Don't step on the cords.

DeShambra's interview at the Farmer's Market

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #22 - Farmer's Market Interview #1

This is DeShambra's interview of Herman at the Farmer's Market

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What we did today

We made smoothies. We put all the fruits in there. We put blueberries in there. We put bananas in there. We put yogurt and we put pineapple juice and pineapples. And we put milk. We put them in the blazer and they blazed them for a minute. Then the lady was talking about stuff. Then the smoothies got through.

We made little pizzas. We put the sauce on it. And then we put the cheese on it and then we put the meat on it and then we put it in the pan, then put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

We did crunches. First you sit down. And then you put your hands behind your head. Then you cross your feet. Then you lay down. And then you lift the belly part of your body up. And that's how you do the crunches.

We did 6-point push ups. 1) First you bend down and then put your two hands on the floor. 2) And then you put your two feet out. 3) And then you put the rest of your body down. 4) And then you do push ups. 5) Then when you get through doing push ups you bend down and then 6) you stand back up. That's how you do 6-point push ups.

We did stretches. At first we opened our legs wide and then we put the rest of our body down. And then we put your hands under your legs.



What We Did Today.

I was at the table fixing my pizza, and Ms. Johnece was fixing the fruit smoothies and I had fun. Everything was good. Ms Janet Showed us some new exercise, jumping jacks, push ups. We had lots of fun.

I love my pizza.

Thank you Miss Janet for a great workout. That was my favorite part of the day.

The pizza was yummy. My favorite pizza is pepperoni.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ms. Sylvia and C.J.'s Conversation at home

Ms. Sylvia and C.J.'s conversation at home (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #20)


What we did today is exercise and exercise on the ball.
We had exercise on weights. We had chicken wings, popcorn, and some potato chips.

CJ had a question. It was... How do weights make your muscles get big?
The answer is when you use weights, stress comes into your muscles. Stress is telling your body to make more muscles.

I am now the expert on weights and nutrition.

why do we sweat?

The process of sweating is due to the small struture in our skin.

The sweat evaporates into our skin to cool us down.

I learned this by looking up the question.

I like to exercise.

The question that Miss Wyshina and I had to answer was....Why do we exercise every day? We looked it up on the internet and it said that it helps us look better and feel better.

We exercised today and and played the Blast Off Game. Miss Jasmine taught us a new muscle to workout, the tricep.

Miss Janet taught us how to upload the pictures from the camera.




We had exercise on weights. We had chicken wings, popcorn, and some potato chips.
CJ had a question. It was... How do weights make your muscles get big?
The answer is when you use weights, stress comes into your muscles. Stress is telling your body to make more muscles.
I am now the expert on weights and nutrition.

The Healthy Program

As you can see, I am in a very good camp. I love it. It is the best camp I ever been to. I love everyone in this camp. It is fun at this camp. It's beautiful. I have been here for 5 years, if I'm not mistaken. All my life I loved this program. It's the best.

I researched that fruit makes your muscles bigger when you eat it when you first wake up and 30-60 minutes before you work out.

Today I learned how...I'm learning how to do new exercises and I'm learning new information about eating more fruits and vegetables and don't be hanging around the wrong people because it's wrong. They're going to end up in jail and you're going to go with them and you go somewhere safe at night. They are a lot of people that be outside when curfew has passed. Security be searching. Those who don't think that they can't go to prison, they are wrong.

Today my favorite thing was to do new exercises and log on to search for stuff and I had fun today.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Blast Off Game

I love the Blast Off game. It is fun, in the game you have to make the rocket blast off by picking right foods to eat.


I like apples because they make you healthy and they help your muscles grow.

Miss Rachel, I miss you

Miss Rachel,
I love you and I miss you. Please come back. You have did a lot for us. Oh ya, you are in the two bite club.

Best Friends

Jordan H. was eating the pineapple and he said that it was sweet and I said it was so good.

I had fun at the Farmers Market I took pictures of fruit and it was fun.

I want to go there again with my daddy and he can buy me a sweet pineapple.

I want to go to another field trip with my buddy Jordan H.

By Daedrin

Miss Jasmine

I just wanted to say that I love you. I wish you were here everyday.

I love you in my heart beat forever.

I loveweights tohelpmestronger.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I like fruit

It was fun when we went to the Farmer's Market. We tasted some fruit. I tasted some strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

The farmers market

I loved the strawberries and the blueberries and cherries because they were good and sweet.

The Healthy Camp

Today we went to the Farmer's Market, and we tasted different fruit. They were good. I ate a cherry, a blueberry, a strawberry, and mexican mango. I saw some new fruit. I saw and tasted a fig. I also tried temptation fruit again.

The Farmer's Market Day

We did go see the new fruit.
We saw miniature bananas.
We tasted fruit no vegetables.
I tasted a fig.
We saw a jackfut it came from Africa.
We the saw rambutan.

The trip to the Farmer's Market

The field trip was fun. We went Farmer's Market. We got to taste different fruits and we didn't know how it tasted. And I thought the figs was going to be nasty but it was good. I saw fruits and vegetables that I didn't know what it was. That thing that looked like a big 'ole C. It was white. It feels soft. This part feels like an egg. It was an eggplant. There were some black things that Miss Janet bought. It was an eggplant, too.


July30,2007 we first talked with Mr.Alex and we asked some questions . Then he gave us some samples of cantaloup and mangos the mangos was nasty . Also we saw some baby cucumbo. Then we talked to Ms.Sandrze and asked her some questions.Anthother thing we passed a plant growing with peppers.Then we talked to Lecia Thompson and her some questions. She showed us cretta peas.Then we saw some figs that come off a big tree they are so small and green.Then we tasted a peach that grow in Aurcinsa.It was good! Then we pass by some honey.Then we talked to Mr.Michel and asked him some questions. Yeah cherries grow Washiton. Then we talked to Mr.German and him some questions.Then passed a Jack frut is a Tropical fruit tasted liked a mango also it grow in Africa and the Rambutan. So July30,2007 I learned many diffrent fruits and vegetables and where they come from.

Farmer's Market

I took a picture of fruits I didn't like, except I still tasted it. Like raspberries. And I was good and Ladarrius and Jordan was bad, picking up everything. And I helped Ms. Keilani with her bags and she gave me a mango. I like all of them (fruits we tasted).

Daedrin's interview of Jasmine:

Daedrin: What was your favorite vegetable or fruit?

Jasmine: My favorite fruit was the pineapple.

Daedrin: Did you like it?

Jasmine: Yes, that is why it was my favorite.

Daedrin: Did you have fun?

Jasmine: I did, but I would have had more fun, if EVERYONE behaved.

Daedrin: I did behave.

Jasmine: Not you, you were good, today.

Daedrin: Why did you tell us to not pick up fruit?

Jasmine: I didn't want you to get in trouble with the fruit sellers.

Daedrin: Do you know all the people who've been bad?

Jasmine: You mean, on the field trip?

Daedrin: Uh huh. And who did you have to talk to?

Jasmine: I had to talk to the other two people in our group.

Daedrin: Okay. Have you went there before?

Jasmine: I went there when I was your age. But not since then.

Daedrin: How did you feel?

Jasmine: How did I feel about the farmer's market or about the behavior problems?

Daedrin: The farmer's market.

Jasmine: I felt great about the market. There were a lot of people there. And they all seemed really nice. I wish everyone behaved better. I would have had a better time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jordan interviews his mom

Jordan interviews his mom (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #19)

My favorite thing is playing on the computers. I like to play games

I learned about healthy foods and I am learning to eat healthy this is a very good program. I like it . Today I learn how to get on healthy games, and I love everybody that is in this camp. I'm glad that I am in this camp. It's a very good camp. We are eating healthy at this camp and I really like the people teaching us, They are funny. I am having a good time at this camp. Ms. JR have been coming back and she taught us about whats in our body, we talked about cells and nucleus and DNA and genes and she gave us treats because we answered the questions and it was fun in her class

Jordan's Nutrition Rap

Jordan's Nutrition Rap (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #18)


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ASA Summer Nutrition Program #17

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #17

Jordan interviewing Ms. Reva

Jordan interviewing Ms. Reva (Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #16)

Healthy Muscles

I learned about exercising, muscles, eating healty food. Muscle can burn sugar in your body. I liked when Mr.Darren gave us a goody bag.

I like to play

Typed by Jasmine, dictated by Buddy.

What did you learn today?

I learned about new stuff. The stuff that I like. I learned more about different kinds of muscles. I learned that from them books. I learned that blood is blue when it is inside your body. I learned about nutrition and stuff like that. We learned from Mr. Darren that we had muscles right here and right here (points to calf and thigh).

Favorite thing?

When we did our blog.

What we did today

Today we did exercise, we did push ups with weights, we had snack, we got write. I learned about calories. I learned that fruits and vegetables can grow. My favorite part was when we lifted up the lake. It was fun because we picked up half a lake.


What I Learned Today

I learned about metabolism.
Metabolism is used for sugar to give give you energy.
Mr. Darrin gave us get it bag for answering questions, and I was sick and my granny said she was picking me up but she didn't, and I through up. I am still sick.

Field trip at UT Arlington

Today, I read the ASA blog, and I was amazed at how each child response to the field trip was different. What I noticed during the tour was how attentive Jordan Warren was the entire tour. He always full of surprises. He journeled, asked questions and even took some great shots, so did Ms. Keilani.
I really enjoyed the trip, I had never been to their campus so it was an adventure for me. I too learned how the different exercise machines work and what parts they help you work on. I especially liked the treadmills that they have and the walking loop. I am not too fond of weights. What made the tour go well was the fact that we had an excellent tour guide by the name of Mr.Darrell, he was very informative. I feel that this program is going to very beneficial in the long run, which is the goal that we set out to achieve.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ASA Summer Nutrition Program #15

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #15

ASA Summer Nutrition Program #14

Gabcast! ASA Summer Nutrition Program #14

Another budding photographer!

I really enjoyed watching Ladarrius be the photographer today. He seemed to really take his role to heart. I watched him crawl under the table and lay down on the floor to get an interesting angle on a photo. Then I watched him get up, walk across the room, and climb over a chair in order to get closer to the subject.

I hope you enjoyed your job, Ladarrius. You did a really good job!

The field trip was fun

The field trip was fun. It was fun when we were walking around looking at the new exercising that we didn't know about.

I learned about new exercises. I learned about calves and hamstrings and gluts.

My favorite thing was when we had went to the college.

In Ms Janet's class we talked our trip to UT Arlington and our visited Mr. Darin's friends and the health/exercise center. We saw pushups, running laps and squats.

My Trip To UTA

I love the ASA. I like it when Ms. Janet take us on field trips. Yesterday we went to UTA gym and meet Mr. Darrell and he showed us the workout equpiment.