Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What we have learned in the technology class

The internet went down before the kids could post. Here are their responses to what they have learned in their technology class:

Zedric (8 yrs):
When the future come, other people can learn about the ASA. They can learn the rules about it and what happened to the future when I was making this blog right now for the people to learn about the ASA Academy and me. This is in response to our conversation about learning about our history and writing about it because of our finding that there is such little information available on Rochester Park.

Jordan (11 yrs):
We are planning to put something on the map to tell people that we are still living cause if we didn’t have anything on the map, people would think we were extinct like dinosaurs.

And to make people go on the map and find Turner Courts and they will find ASA Academy and they will see all people and they will see Zedric and much more people at the After-School Academy.

I learned that other people go on the internet and do some research on us and learn a lot about us. And my favorite thing is that people can learn about us from the past to the future.

Daedrin (8 yrs): What we learned about is respect. And we learned how to do stuff on the computer.

Traeniesha: I learned about Turner Courts because I live and I go to places in Turner Courts.

Amyah (6 yrs): I heard a lady talking and asking the man questions in kind of a talk. This, in response to the interview that was played to help give the class an idea of how to conduct an interview.