Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Questions we want to know about Turner Courts

Jordan’s plan to start the interview:
Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m just wondering if I could ask some questions. I’m doing this for the ASA program because we was learning about our map (wikimapia) and we saw that on the map there was nothing about Turner Courts. So, do you mind?

What was here at/before the After-School program?

When did they build JBC?

What was here before Bubba’s?

When did they build the red park in Turner Courts?

When did they build Turner Courts?

When did they build Rochester Park?

What was here before Turner Courts?

Where did you go to elementary, junior high, and high school?

When did they hire people for JBC? (When did they start working in the store?)

Why did they build Turner Courts?

Where did you go to buy groceries?

Why is this called Bon Ton?

When did they plant trees?

Why did they build a church and nobody is at it?

When did people come?

When companies or businesses were here when you weren’t born?

When did they break the swings at the back park?

Why did they build the gym?

Why do people have guns over here?

When did the dogs start coming here?

Why do the people hang out on the corner?

Where did people hang out when you were growing up?

Why is the projects called Turner Courts?