Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank You for a GREAT Semester!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how much I enjoyed and appreciated my semester at the ASA. I certainly learned a lot through my four months with you all, and I can only hope you learned something from me! Thanks for the memories -- and keep in touch!
~ Miss Catherine

Art Show

Congratulations to the After School Academy for a successful art show on Friday. All the art and photography pictures found a home to go to. This was my first year being a part of the art show and I really enjoyed myself. The kids had a ball. At first they sat and watched different people bid on their pictures, then after a while of watching they began to walk around introducing themselves as well as their portraits. How smart is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to many more art shows in the upcoming years.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Project SEE Award

Recently, the ASA received an e-mail from Jennifer Stimpson. She is one of the organizers that worked with the sixth graders at UTD in science. She was letting us and the teens who participated know that the project SEE committee was awarded Committee Of The Year by the sorority chapter. Ms. Stimpson also stated that she could not host the program without our kids. Now!! That was a nice thing to say. Our kids at the ASA work very hard in whatever they do. SO, congrats to Ms.Stimpson and her committee for this special honor. I also want to thank them for sharing the good news with us. She could have just accepted the award and moved on, but she kept us in her heart and felt that we should know. "That means that our kids finished with honors. "

Way To Go !!!!! sixth graders.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"The Pledge"

No, not the one we all know... ("I pledge alligiance to the flag of the United States of America...")

Every day at the After-School Academy, we have a special time called "Group Time" when we all come together for announcements, "shines" (recognition of good behavior or special accomplishments), review of the word of the week, and "The Pledge."

This is something I find so meaningful; I wish I had heard it when I was these' kids' age! I hope they appreciate it ... and that it makes a difference in their lives, somehow or another.

The Pledge
I pledge alligiance to myself
and who I want to be,
'cause I can make my dreams come true
if I believe in me.
I pledge to stay in school and learn
the things I need to know
to make this world a better place
for kids like me to grow.
I pledge to keep my dreams alive
and be all I can be.
I know I can, I know I will
'cause I believe in me.