Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Project SEE Award

Recently, the ASA received an e-mail from Jennifer Stimpson. She is one of the organizers that worked with the sixth graders at UTD in science. She was letting us and the teens who participated know that the project SEE committee was awarded Committee Of The Year by the sorority chapter. Ms. Stimpson also stated that she could not host the program without our kids. Now!! That was a nice thing to say. Our kids at the ASA work very hard in whatever they do. SO, congrats to Ms.Stimpson and her committee for this special honor. I also want to thank them for sharing the good news with us. She could have just accepted the award and moved on, but she kept us in her heart and felt that we should know. "That means that our kids finished with honors. "

Way To Go !!!!! sixth graders.