Friday, November 30, 2007

Mavs Game

C.J., Zedrick, Janiya and I went to the Mavs game on Wednesday. THE MAVS WON!!!!! They were on a bit of a losing streak. We all had soooo much fun!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Practice what you preach!

Michael brought a new volunteer to the ASA today...and I didn't bother to greet him!!

Michael noticed I didn't greet him and helped me remember. I didn't set a very good example. I'm glad so many of you do such a great job at your greetings...and I really appreciating you reminding me to do the same!

Thanks, Michael!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Future Dancers!!

This past Friday my daughter Phantasia performed at the South Dallas Cultural Center. It is a beautiful site. Ms. Vikki is a great person, I love her spirit. She opened her doors to the children here at the After School Academy. Phantasia volunteers when she can at the After School Academy, this is her second year volunteering, she is now a 7th grader and I am very proud of her. She has grown so much over the summer. I will continue to support her in her endevor to be a dancer. I talked with Ms. Vikki about her and Jazmine taking dancing lesson at the South Dallas Culture Center and I am hoping that they will take the classes so they can become professionals one day. Keep up the good work Phantasia, I love you!!! You did a excellent job. This is her dance team, they are all students at Pearl C. Anderson.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ms. Thompson

Why is the store called Big Daddy's? And why did you name the school after you? And did you live in a house or a apartment? And why was the store called Thompson's?

I asking these questions because I want to know about Ms. Thompson's life. In two weeks we are going to ask Ms. Thompson these questions in an interview.

Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson had a store cross of H.S. Thompson. And he had a grand daughter that lived the other side across of H.S. Thompson. And H.S. Thompson is my school. Zedric Colquitt. And I like the school. And we going to talk to Mr. Thompson's grand daughter and she gonna tell us a few informations about Turner Court at the ASA Academy.

The stores around our community

when did they build the frunt park when did they build big daddy,s when did they build my house.

About Mr. Bill

I learned about asking questions and I got it from Mr. Bill.

I learned how to ask questions. "Why did Bubba's call Snappy's?" Why I'm asking this question because I need to know. Mr. Bill told us when the store was called snappies.


I know that Bubbles used to be called and when Mr.Bill was going to school he had to walk on a mudding and at H.S.Thompson the grades was only 1st~8th gradeand he went staight to high school.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mr. Bill

Today I lernd about how you had to walk on mud or dirt roads to school and Mr. Bill told us that they had to walk on top of the train track and sometimes the train would stop and people would be late for their job. The police station was here since 1960.

Monday, November 05, 2007

we ask questions

This was before Big daddy was build.

Before JBC was build it was called Snappy's.

Before Rocher sheter park. When Mr. Bill was my age and was just dirt roads.


Mr. Bill Rhodes

Mr. Bill Rhodes told us something about Turner Courts, and the school H.S. Thompson. He said he had to walk on the gravel to get to school. Mr. Thompson had a store across H.S. Thompson. His granddaughter lives across the other side of H.S. Thompson, Mr. Thompson gave the kids pork rines. When he was in the 8th grade he had to walk all the way to Hastings to catch the bus.

His family moved here in 1948.

Mr. Bill was living here since 1948. And when he was going to school the road was gravel. Across hatcher the white people live. Button (Bon Ton) was a cafe and were they have parties.
(Mr. Bill told us about the prices at the movie theater on Bexar and 175)
The people dug under the tracks so the cars could go under and the train could still drive on the tracks.
This school was grades was 1st-8th grade.

Today me and Traenieshia about Mr.Bill was living here since 1948.And when he was goning to school the roads was just dirt.Aross hatcher was were the white people live and the black. And buttun was cafe .

Mr. Bill Rhodes

I learned how to ask people questions. I raised my hand and Mr. Bill Rhodes answered me.

I know what happened about the store. It was called Snappy's. The ground was like dirt and it was rocks. He was walking on the hard ground to school.

And I greeted Mr. Bill Rhodes. And I recorded Mr. Bill Rhodes.

What I learned at school today.

Today at school I learned that one is a odd number, and two is a even number. I learned about thanksgiving and what we are going to eat at thanksgiving. I read "I see" in science class and it was about a lady who watches and says hello to animals.

WhyILike The asa ?They have games like connect four and chess.And they have comuputers and they have yummy dinner! By Zedric

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I hope all the kids had as much fun as I did yesterday. How did those popcorn balls taste? Good I hope, because I didn't get one. LOL!!!!