Friday, December 28, 2007

Working toward our future

I want to send out shines to Jazmine and Phantasia for taking time out of their Christmas break to attend the College Prep Day on Thursday, December 27. I am very proud of them for starting to prepare for college now, while still in middle school.

They did things like prepare a resume and learn what they need to start doing now to add to their resume. They worked on the computers to type up their resume. They practiced writing scholarship essays and learned how to mind map in order to make it easier. They really did a great job!

I would like to start doing a college prep day once a month on Saturdays. Who would be interested? If you are interested or you have a child that is interested, please comment here or call or talk to me when you see me.

Here are some pictures from the College Prep Day:

Jazmine compiling her resume:
Doesn't Phantasia look so pretty in this picture?
Ms. Cres helping everyone put their resumes on the computer:

Ms. Cres talking to the group about college expectations:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Pics

Kaluum & Rodney learning to play chess.

Mrs. Sylvia building the ASA kids character. LOL:)

Mr. Checo's science class.->


I just wanted to post some pics on the blog, for the kids and the community to see.