Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was sent home because I supposedly didn't have the right uniform on.My uniform was correct. That's not fair!!!!!!!! DISD schools don't care if you learn, they worry about how you look. One of my teachers told I look like I'm going to the club. I had on a pair of shoes that were plaid, and some brown socks.
Jazmine Harris



Hey Jazmine~
I really like this post...I like that you used the ASA blog as a way to express your feelings. Have you looked at the school's dress code policy? I think it would be really powerful if you looked it up and found where they tell you what color and kind of socks and shoes to wear and then respectfully approach your principal to find out what their reasoning is so that maybe you can understand their reasoning and/or make a decision about doing something about the policy.

I also think it is interesting that a teacher told you you looked like you were going to the club. You didn't exactly look like club material to me. And from your writing, I'm guessing that comment offended you. Why did it offend you? I think that would also be a good thing to think about and maybe express to your teacher (very respectfully, of course) how that made you feel. Sometimes we adults say dramatic things and we need to hear how that makes you guys feel. After all, you guys have feelings, too!

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I wanted to warn that though I linked back to this post, my blog is not PG so the children shouldn't visit.

Jazmine was absolutely correct to be upset about the event as told. I did check out the DISD dress code and she seems to have been compliant with the kneesocks and flats. You can find the guidelines at

Your comments back to Jazmine were great. Keep up the good work!


Hello I really appriciate your comment about Jazmine's blog. I did look up the dress code on the DISD website and took it to the school, and the assistant pricipal made it clear for me, that brown socks and those type of shoe were not approiprate at the school. I learned that the schools reserve the right to tweek the dress code if they like. I also filed a dress code complaint form with the school and the air has been cleared. Again thank for the comment and by the way Jazmine is my daughter and I am the Educational Outreach Manager of the ASA.

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I think she looks perfectly attired for class. With all the problems in DISD, why they'd focus on brown socks is beyond understanding.

(I tried to post on the staff site but can't recall my Google log-in at the moment.)

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This is sort of old but perhaps Jazmine might enjoy it. Little girl takes school to court over Winnie the Pooh socks, and wins!

and for the conclusion:

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If she's feeling really ambitious, here is the ruling:


Thanks for continuing to keep us in mind...and keep us informed as to what's out there. It may be somewhat ambitious...considering there would have to be lawyers and lawyers fees and such involved...but it is definitely worth thinking about the ways that are out there to fight back and demonstrate that it's been done (successfully) before! We are working on organizing the community in other ways so articles like this are helpful to see and think about. Thanks!

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LOL. I meant ambitious in reading a complicated legal ruling. I mean, it's a pain for adults to read. ;o)


Ha!! :) Ambitious is right. I read the first two and decided I had gathered enough info and didn't need to read the whole ruling. Thought I might do that later...when I was feeling more "ambitious." :)


The latest in the Tigger socks case from CA.;_ylt=AiHjhedXU9aw1xzhYlrfMw0uQE4F


Wow. That is interesting. I would guess if people around here had more up-front money so that they could hire lawyers and recoup money later, a lawsuit would be feasible and there would probably be a lot of things that would change as a result.