Monday, July 30, 2007

Farmer's Market

I took a picture of fruits I didn't like, except I still tasted it. Like raspberries. And I was good and Ladarrius and Jordan was bad, picking up everything. And I helped Ms. Keilani with her bags and she gave me a mango. I like all of them (fruits we tasted).

Daedrin's interview of Jasmine:

Daedrin: What was your favorite vegetable or fruit?

Jasmine: My favorite fruit was the pineapple.

Daedrin: Did you like it?

Jasmine: Yes, that is why it was my favorite.

Daedrin: Did you have fun?

Jasmine: I did, but I would have had more fun, if EVERYONE behaved.

Daedrin: I did behave.

Jasmine: Not you, you were good, today.

Daedrin: Why did you tell us to not pick up fruit?

Jasmine: I didn't want you to get in trouble with the fruit sellers.

Daedrin: Do you know all the people who've been bad?

Jasmine: You mean, on the field trip?

Daedrin: Uh huh. And who did you have to talk to?

Jasmine: I had to talk to the other two people in our group.

Daedrin: Okay. Have you went there before?

Jasmine: I went there when I was your age. But not since then.

Daedrin: How did you feel?

Jasmine: How did I feel about the farmer's market or about the behavior problems?

Daedrin: The farmer's market.

Jasmine: I felt great about the market. There were a lot of people there. And they all seemed really nice. I wish everyone behaved better. I would have had a better time.