Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fruits and vegetables

Passion fruit. Sour. It tastes good. Tastes like a lemon. LeDarrius took the picture. Yes, it was my favorite fruit. I tried baby pineapple. I tried watermelon. I tried champagne grapes. I tried blueberries. I tried passion fruit. I tried jazz apples. I tried them what you call them nuts. Them thang nuts. What were those nut things called from China? Yea, those lychee nuts. I tried champagne grapes. They were good. I tried you know them watermelons, those white melons that got something on the inside? What's it called? You know them imitation melons? (You mean temptation melons). Yea, that's all.



I loved the champagne grapes! We still have them! You guys should come for another visit! =)

We have lots and lots of other exotic melons too! Ever tried a "santa claus" melon? =)