Monday, July 30, 2007


July30,2007 we first talked with Mr.Alex and we asked some questions . Then he gave us some samples of cantaloup and mangos the mangos was nasty . Also we saw some baby cucumbo. Then we talked to Ms.Sandrze and asked her some questions.Anthother thing we passed a plant growing with peppers.Then we talked to Lecia Thompson and her some questions. She showed us cretta peas.Then we saw some figs that come off a big tree they are so small and green.Then we tasted a peach that grow in Aurcinsa.It was good! Then we pass by some honey.Then we talked to Mr.Michel and asked him some questions. Yeah cherries grow Washiton. Then we talked to Mr.German and him some questions.Then passed a Jack frut is a Tropical fruit tasted liked a mango also it grow in Africa and the Rambutan. So July30,2007 I learned many diffrent fruits and vegetables and where they come from.