Thursday, August 09, 2007

Exercising is what we did today

What we did today is exercising. We did 6-point push ups. 1) First, you squat down on your feet and then you put your hands on the floor. 2) And then you get your feet out. 3) And then you push up. 4)
Then push down. 5) Then, you get back on your feet. 6) Then you stand up. That was the 6-point push ups.

I love fruits and vegetables because they are good for you. We tried some eggplant. We tried mango. We saw the jackfruit. We tried cantelope. We tried temptation melon. That's all.

How to do the reach throughs. 1) First, you're standing up. 2) And then you take your hands and then you open your legs open. 3) And then you put your hands through your legs. 4) And then you can feel the pain.