Friday, August 10, 2007

"Our Future"

Why are there so many overweight children? I can think of a lot of reasons why, but which is correct. My personal opinion is that it start at home. When we first discovered that we were going to be a parent, we should start by eating healthy. I know for a fact that while you are carrying the child they are fed through you, so we should practice eating healthy while thay are still in the womb. Easy as this may sound, it is not!!! but It is not too late. As you can see we have already got started and now are finished. We are now at the end of our summer camp, today is the last day Boo Hoo!!! but we are going to use this program in the fall. It has been a journey but a good one. The kids have learned alot about eating and staying healthy. They have done a wonderfull job!! Congratulations!!!



you're right- it is hard to eat healthy sometimes in this day and age where fast food restaurants are on every corner. I am proud of you all for learning more about healthy foods and activities. I need to be more healthy myself. Thanks for the reminder!