Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to Teen U, Again! =)

Even though I have worked with Teen University for half a year, it is still exciting for me to work at Teen U for the summer. It is good to see the familiar faces participating in the program(Phantasia, Phasia, Chasity, Crystal, Sharde), as well as some new faces (Kadriana, Jorrell). And also I have co-workers who were apart of Teen U during the school year(Reisha, Shannon, Brittany). And I can't forget my new co-workers and fellow colleagues, Iman and Jamacah. The first two weeks has been great, and it's only the beginning. The teens are here, and I am ready to get it in gear!:) This is going to be an exciting summer at Roseland, I can feel it.

-Dranoel Wilson