Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teen U Students Visit the US MINT!

As a Career Connection Enrichment fieldtrip, the Teen U students got the opportunity to visit the U.S. Mint in FortWorth on Tuesday. The students went on an insightful tour of the Mint and learned all about how the money they spend is produced. They realized during the tour that money production is a very tedious and complex process. Producing money is such an intricate procedure that there are over 800 jobs available to ensure that the money is printed and produced at the highest quality.After the tour, the students visited the gift shop where they each recieved a bag of money worth one hundred and fifty dollars!!! The money was a mixture of shredded and defective bills, of course, but they didn't seem to mind one little bit (no pun intended). They also got a chance to stand next to the "How Tall Are You Worth" tube near the entrance of the Mint. This was was huge clear column filled with shredded money, and based on your height, it gives you an estimate of your worth. The Students really enjoyed this experience and they are still talking about it to this day!!!

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