Monday, June 21, 2010

Insects, Bugs and Crustaceans….

Last week my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class discovered Sparky (an escaped insect from Ms. Danielle’s class). Rather than be upset that Sparky was disrupting my Morning Meeting, I asked the class if they wanted to catch him. They responded with a resounding “YES”.

Originally, I had planned for the class to continue a study of Rain Forest and Ocean habitats. However, after noting their excitement over Sparky; I asked them if they would like to go outside and catch other bugs. Thus began my class’s infatuation with all things creepy and crawly. In the past seven days I have learned more about centipedes, millipedes, lady bugs, worms and roly polies then I had ever learned in 16 years of formal education.

Below are the Top Five Facts the kids have taught me. Also, note that some of the information we learned through observation as the children have built a habitat for the roly poise.

5. Centipedes eat roly polies.

4. Roly Polies eat dead leaves and grass.

3. Lady bugs can be red or orange with black spots.

2. Roly Polies are crustaceans not bugs or insects.

1. Roly polies breath through their “feet” . They have gill like structures not lungs.

- Chrystalin (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher)


Janet Morrison

Oh my goodness! How cool is that!! Way to take the project-based learning to heart and go with what the kids are interested in! It sounds like you guys are researching and everything! Please keep us posted on the blog! I want to know what other cool things you guys are doing!