Friday, June 25, 2010

Another week, another success!

The kids are finishing the 2nd week of Teen University, and it was great. The students visited the U.S. Mint and Texas Instruments. The first presentation of College 101 was given on Wednesday by Jamacah and me. The topic was 'Myths about College', and we played a small Friday, Ms. Tameka Caldwell came by and gave a workshop on Finanacial Literacy and we all participated in 'The Game of Life'. As the 'Utilities Manager' and 'Landlord', it was interesting to see the kids go through the experience of the adult life. Paying bills, budgeting their paychecks, receiving Noise Violation tickets and whatnot. The workshop was awesome, and I hope to see more energy like that through the days of Teen University!
- Dranoel