Thursday, June 24, 2010

Green Teams 1st workshop

Today the Green Team Kids had their first workshop. The events went well even though it was off to a slow start.

The projector did not work with the computer we had so Chris and I had to go to Best Buy and purchase a connector for my Mac and a guitar amp. Once we returned we found that Rubenn had the kids under control with his pin-wheel project. After everything got hooked up we then realized the picture was green... Janet fixed it buy jiggling the cord.

Since we got off to a slow start we did not get a chance to show "Wall-E." Next workshop will be over solar energy. Since the character Wall-E is powered by solar energy we can use the movie to help with the explanation.

If you want to know any more look up Rubennn and Alondra's blog, it will explain more.... till next time stay funky kids!