Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Aviant makes the Connection

So today the 2nd-3rd graders learned about oil spills and simulated one of their own (hopefully video will come out soon; I brought home the wrong FLIP). I just wished to share an "Aha!" moment with you.

Over the past week, the kids have been learning about resources and have developed the concept that things are made from other things using other things. Today, I had made some simulated oil for our activity and had set it aside for the afternoon, when I noticed that it was missing midway through the morning.

Oh my goodness, I thought prematurely to myself, I don't want to get on to another kid.

I looked around and noticed Mr. Aviant hurrying to the door with the oil in hand.

"Aviant!" I shouted as I went to fetch him, "Where are you going with that?"

"I'm going to the place where they make bottles!" he answered nonchalantly as he continued out the door.

His answer stopped me dead in my tracks. You see, I had yet to tell them that this was oil (though vegetable oil wouldn't make very good plastic, but they don't know that yet), but Aviant had seen it, and applying what he had learned last week about plastic, bottles, and oil (and reading the book I've had lying on the shelf since the summer started), he decided he was going to go make bottles out of his newly found oil.

It's so wonderful being inspired by kids.



Janet Morrison

I absolutely love this, Chris! We were just talking about Aviant's intelligence today. I truly hope as you guys move forward that you will figure out more and more ways to tap into his unique learning abilities and continue to inspire him to create bottles out of oil and whatever else he might be interested in!

Thanks so much for sharing!!


This is so great! I am a strong believer that as the youth learn from us, we too, learn from them. This is why I am so excited about the team. Keep up the great job.