Friday, June 18, 2010

I Got Caught Doing Something Good

With the beginning of the summer programming at the Roseland Library and Bookstore, the staff implemented the "Got Caught Doing Something Good" jar. Although it is only a recycled animal cracker jar, the kids that come to the library are very eager to get their name in the jar. The winner gets to pick out one book of their choice within the library to make their own library.

Our first weekly recipient of the "Got Caught Doing Something Good" was Ta'Kyra. She is an avid library participant and also is an attendant at the After School Academy's Summer Enrichment Program. I witnessed her be a leader within her peer group and even demonstrate respect and social encounterings surpassing those older than her. She always greets the staff and any other adult that enters the library. She even helped us with constructing our library expectations.

I am overly excited about Ta'Kyra's performance over this summer in the library. Until next week...she was caught red-handed--doing something good.