Thursday, November 30, 2006

Positive encouragement leads to confident children

Wyshina, Sylvia, and I were at a literacy conference today. They told a story about how positive comments can do wonders. Mike Moses (former DISD superintendent) explained that how he grumpily answered his door one day only to have a little girl selling girl scout cookies look at him and tell him, "You are handsome!" As a result, he ended up buying 4 boxes of cookies.

Isn't that the truth? We all want to be affirmed. A lot of times that affirmation will lead us to be better and do better.

Wyshina agreed with Dr. Moses and explained to me that Ariana (I believe she might be in 2nd grade), used to come into the After-School Academy and greet with her head down and her hand covering her mouth in a shy, hesitant way. Wyshina said she would always tell her, "Ariana! You have such a beautiful smile! I want to see that beautiful smile!" The more Wyshina affirmed her, the more confident she became...until now, she greets with a big smile and a good handshake.

Wyshina saw the abilities Ariana possessed and affirmed a quality that Ariana wasn't confident enough to share. As a result, we have yet another confident greeter in the ASA.

Way to go, Wyshina.

Thanks for sharing your smile with us, Ariana. :)