Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chemistry Banquet

Congratulations to Daqwalon, Ravyn, Deshala, and Phantasia for their completion of the Chemistry Program at UTD. They were styling and profiling at the banquet. They all did a great job. It took a lot of time and commitment to pull it off and they did it!
Our Future Chemistry Majors!!!!!!
On to the next adventure.



Really dont mean to be rude, but where do Americans get these names from?

They follow no known logic!

Anyway, more power to those kids learning and empowering themselves with knowledge!!!


First let me say that they look really nice in this picture. Awww they are growing up. Keep up the good work!!! But next on the list the comment above me: What would the world be like if every boy was named Micheal and every girl named Ashley. It would be boring and quite chaotic. Names are meant to clearly distinguish one person from another. They make us unique and who we are. If a parent feels the need to name their child something new then so be it, its an expression of self. If a name is different look at it for its uniqueness.


You continue to amaze me!

I was going to address your comment and point out that we can look at any culture other than our own and say that it follows "no known logic." Imtiaz from India, Chudi from Africa, Nigel from England, Hans from Denmark...

Who determines what is "logical?"

But, I don't think there is a need for me to elaborate. Jess did an outstanding job stating the point.