Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kudos to Ms. Sylvia!

I have to give Sylvia her props! After many months of working toward a "Grand Opening" of our new Educational Outreach Center in Turner Courts, Ms. Sylvia is the one who brought it all together.

Sylvia solicited a donation of a comfortable chair from Lori Cullom (Turner Courts resident, friend, and new cook for the After-School Academy), then pulled together a lamp and table and carpet to create a homey little corner so that adults could read, relax, and enjoy the Community Room. Sylvia also arranged for a friend and former co-worker from Eastfield College to be available to talk to people about college and job opportunities.

As I sat to the side and watched and listened, Sylvia welcomed people in explaining the different job openings she has posted, they opportunity and resources to write a resume, the internet capabilities, the opportunity to hang out and read a book or bring children to read a book...and she asked for and is open to new suggestions in case there is something missing.

If you have any suggestions, let Ms. Sylvia know!

I look forward to seeing how it all develops.