Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working together!!!

This semester the kids are doing really well at working together. I don't know if they grew up over the holidays or what, but whatever happened I like it. They are teaming up during homework time to help each other. How awesome is that. We have a ways to go , but the kids are really improving. Thsy seem to like cooking class a whole lot. I know they like to eat, but I really do want them to learn how to prepare certain foods that require little or no cooking at the stove. They are really great kids. They just need some love and compassion in their lives. Way To Go Kids



Congrats, kids! I love to hear that you are helping each other! Good job!!
Miss Janet


Hey kids, Keep the good work up. I'm proud of each and everyone of you guys.

So keep striving. LOVE,HUGS&KISSES