Saturday, September 27, 2008

We are moving!

Though we still have some paperwork to do before it is official, the Dallas Housing Authority has graciously allowed us to have a WONDERFUL space that will be our own.

In all of my years of working with kids, we have never had space that is brand new and solely our own to use. Knowing that we will now have this space is such an exciting time for us, filled with so many new possibilities!

Yesterday, during a staff development meeting, I took the staff (Sylvia and our three Americorps members) down to the new space so we could begin envisioning how to decorate and what classes to have where. I was so excited when the staff walked in and I watched their eyes get big with excitement and immediately started throwing out ideas. Their energy made me so proud and pleased to have acquired these four as staff this year.

Andricka (a senior at Skyline high school and first time Americorps member) couldn't believe she was going to have her own classroom for her Kinder-2nd grade kids. I kept chuckling as she continued to beg for a classroom of her own... "Please, can I have that classroom for my kids? (as she carefully choose a specific room for her class)" It took several times to convince her, "Yes, Andricka. That can be your classroom." "Really???" "Yes, Andricka. It's your classroom for your kids."

She's already throwing around new ideas of how to decorate for her Voting and Elections class and figuring out how to implement her new Math class (after going to an amazing PBS math training we received through a grant).

I love getting the right people on board. It makes all the difference in the world when people are excited about education, excited about learning, excited about teaching kids, and excited about working with parents. With Ms. Doris, Kristina, Andricka, and Ms. Sylvia, I know we have the right team!


Michael Davis-Dallas Progress

Wow, this is amazing. Congrats to y'all, and just because you've moved out of my council district doesn't mean you've seen the last of me!

Ms. Sylvia

Janet thanks for being soooo! dedicated to education. I knew that you were not going to give up on the idea of having an After School Academy. Keep up the Faith. God can move all mountains and stubbling blocks. Most of all I would like to personally thank you for having Faith in me!!!


It's not hard to have faith in someone so eager to develop "community" and so eager to learn and grow. It's nice to have co-workers/partners who are just as dedicated and want to see the best for the community and the children. Thanks for being a great role model!