Saturday, October 18, 2008

Creating our own "Recipe for Success"

13 2nd-5th graders
13 Computers with Publisher software
2 adult assistants
1 computer teacher
Internet to provide access to large amounts of clip art

Take two adult assistants. Walk 13 2nd-5th graders three blocks to the Ransom Technology Learning Center. Seat each child at a computer equipped with Microsoft Publisher. Explain the goal: design a recipe book.

Using an overhead projector, demonstrate how to search for and access clip art. Show kids how to move clip art around on the page. Next, let each child pick a theme relevant to a recipe book. Finally, let each child work independently on his/her computer to design a page for the recipe book.

Yield: Recipe books that will be sold for a fundraiser

Note: Proceeds to go to the After-School Academy. Will be available for Christmas presents.

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