Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet Tameshia...Digital Connectors Instructor

I keep telling people that every day I become more and more impressed with the 20-something age group. They are innovative critical thinkers who know and utilize technology and want to change the world. And so many of them are on the path to do just that!

Tameshia is an African American Studies AND International Relations double major. She has taken some time off so she can save up to finish her last year at school. When we interviewed Tameshia for the After-School Academy position, she was very open about her passion and desire to change the world. I could tell it came from the very depths of her and was in no way a passing phase. We want people like Tameshia on our team!

Tameshia works part-time in our After-School Academy and, because of her amazing skill and love for technology, she will also be running our evening Digital Connector program for the teens.

Tameshia has sometimes helps with the Friday night and Saturday meetings at Teen University. None of that is in her job description. She just attends because believes in building relationships.

She is an extremely important addition to our team. Thanks, Tameshia!