Monday, August 02, 2010

An Unlikely Pair

Our kids love to play games in the library but sometimes it can cause problems for the ones who get out early in the games. So, in order to prevent hurt feelings we decided to try something new last week. When someone got out, everyone that was still playing cheered for them and told them how well they did. Therefore, those who were out felt encouraged by their peers.

We, the staff in the library, saw a dramatic change in our kids' attitude while playing games. We were so happy our idea worked. We were even more excited when we saw two of our kids, Kanye and Kira, who had not bonded for the past six weeks, create their own game when they were out instead of crying. Since the beginning of last week Kira and Kanye have been inseparable. They read to each other, eat lunch together, help each other stay positive during group games and throughout the day.


Janet Morrison

Awwww!!! I love this! I love that you guys helped all of the kids learn to encourage each other and I love that Kanye and Kira learned how to bond!