Sunday, November 21, 2010

TWU College Trip

We believe allowing young people to touch, feel, and experience things creates opportunities. It creates vision. It creates hope and belief. So, this past Saturday, we all rolled out of bed early in order to visit the TWU College Preview Day.

Once there, Ms. Danielle (an alumni and our Americorps member who runs our Teen U program) gave us a personal tour of the campus. We saw how many computers are available to the students, saw the inside of a dorm room, and learned about financial aid.

Shannon is planning to attend TWU because it offers family housing and opportunities for students who are also moms. Since she will be having a baby in February, she is working to plan for all of the foreseeable obstacles. She is determined to finish her senior year and continue right on through college.

Thanks to all of the Mid-Teen U and Teen U students who woke up early, stuck with us as we trekked all over campus, and were able to pass the "pop quiz" I gave them at the end of the trip. :)

We have an awesome group of teens with so many possibilities ahead of them!