Friday, April 24, 2009

Love And Logic

I never really knew what an impact Love and Logic can play in a troubled child's life. I was raised under a totally different discipline strategy. It was not until recently that I saw how my parenting skills wasn't very effective, while raising my son. Now that I see how important it is to speak to a child in a different manner made a difference. Recently Me and Ms. Anna started using some of the techniques that we learned from a Love and Logic Seminar. Some of the things that Jim Fry who is the co founder of the Love and Logic Institute said really made sense. Love and Logic teaches us how to deal with parenting and discipline issues. You know we as parents often think that we are saying the right things to our kids when at times we are not. I now know that I I was approaching this whole discipline thing wrong. I at times tend to be very soft when it comes to enforcing good behavior. It was not until a week ago that I found my new passion and that is to show kids that their is someone who cares. We have a student here that was very unruly, she would roll her eyes, stomp her feet and at times use inappropriate language when we tried to discipline her. I was amazed at how once I started using the love and logic techniques with her that I saw a change. I was shocked. I was like, wow! this really does work. Kids just want to know that someone knows their pain and feels their struggles. It has made me realize that kids are human too! and they, like us, just need guidance. I hope that in the near future we can implement Love andLogic into our Academy. I feel it would impact a lot of kids lives and give them hope.