Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Communication is valuable!!!

It amazes me how many of our parents are unaware of the services offered through the school. I know that as parents we receive a student guide for our children, but the reality is how many of us read them and I am not sure if it gives information on resources. I plan to do some research on D.I.S.D. and see if they have helpful resources for parents. I know they have counselors, liaisons and nurses but many parents don't know who they are unless their child has behavior issues or they get sick while at school. When I was growing up everyone knew the counselor and nurse personally, Now days things have shifted, Parents are having to find outside resources themselves. For example, I had a student come to me stating that he was not feeling well, I asked him what was wrong, and he told me his head was hurting plus he had a runny nose, so immediately I thought about the swine flu that is going around and sent him home. Shortly after his grandmother called and asked why he was sent home and I told her that he was not feeling well, she then told me that she had took him to the doctor and the doctor stated that he needed glasses. I asked her have she talked with someone about getting him to an eye doctor and she said no. I knew from the start that she would have difficulties with finding resources because she can not read. I informed her that the nurse at J.W.Ray will be able to give her a referral for eyeglasses because I did the same for my daughter at her school, she was shocked. I told her that they will refer her to an eye clinic on Buckner, and that it will only cost her $40 if she does not have medicaid, but she stated that she did have medicaid and she thanked me with excitement. I really felt good because I know that she struggles with reading. I tend to keep in touch with her to see if she ever contacted them and offer her my time in making sure she understands through my voice. I am not sure if any of his teachers recognized or was even aware of the squishing of his eyes or headaches but it would be interesting to know if they ever thought, maybe this child needs his eyes checked. Whatever the case, I often wonder if the school board would consider asking teachers to be trained on awareness of these problems and others that I have noticed that needs to addressed like behavior, HUMMMM!!!!


Ms. Embry

I have been working for DISD for almost three years and I'm still finding out about resources are available here!! I'm not sure what the answer is for better communication...it's just such a big district...with 155,000 students and over 10,000 teachers...so its a challenge to get everyone on the same page. But I think you're doing a great job of leading and navigating people to what is out there and promoting awareness and giving parents the tools they need to seek out answers!!