Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thrilling Terrariums

Today we had a very special guest from Texas Discovery Gardens. We learned about the differences between worms and catapillars. We also learned what a terrarium is and like humans, plants also need certain things to survive. Plants need sunlight, water, and air. We sperated the program in to two groups and each group constructed a terrarium of their own.

After we finished we took a break from learning about terrariums to play a game to help us better understand the water cycle. We pretended to be raindrops and make our way through the water cycle. The game consisted of roling a large dice and moving to a particular spot corresponding to what is on the dice. We realized that as raindrops most of us ended up in the clouds, lakes and rivers.

Today was a very fun and eventful day. We learned a lot and have a lot of projects that we can now display at the environmental fair.