Monday, August 03, 2009

The Young College Students Adventures!!!

Today was a great day! We went to UTD in Richardson. Boy! it was fun!

We started out by doing a mini-tour of the campus. They called it a mini-tour but by the time we circled the sites we were all sweaty and tired.

They kids really enjoyed the swimming area,the game room and most of all the student union. The student union was where all the good eating took place.

We then retired at the conference area to enjoy a very hearty lunch, all provided by UTD. Those guys were outstanding!!!!

After lunch the kids were polled with recycling questions. Not everyone had an answer but Ms. Lenice, Lewis and Janelle. They all received a prize. Our young ones were too full and tuckered out! I am standing on this fact, and that is why they could not respond! Ha! Ha!

The day ended with smiling faces and full stomachs. They liked the presenters, they worked really well with the children. The kids did an outstanding job displaying how a college student should act in college.

I am proud of them all!!!!!!!