Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Wish by: Ishmael Eddington

(Part 1)
Once there was a boy named Ishmael and he had a bully named Sam Tomphson. Ishmael believed in Santa Claus but Sam didn’t. Every where Sam would go, he saw pictures of Santa Clause on windows, stores, and etc… even at his house there were pictures of Santa Claus.

School was Sam’s playground, especially at Christmas time. Every time he went to school he would beat up anyone who believed in Santa Clause and then call them crybabies. Sam’s mother tried everything from, buying decorated cookies with Santa Claus, evergreen trees, reindeers, and elves. But still, Sam didn’t believe in Santa Claus.

So Ishmael decided that his Christmas wish this year is for Sam to believe in Santa Clause. Ishmael wrote a note in cursive to Santa Clause. This boy once told Ishmael that if you write your letter to Santa in cursive that your wish is will come to come true. Two weeks past, and no word from Santa. Ishmael for sure Santa would reply.

Three days before Christmas there was a knock at the door. A tall, skinny man, name Tom was at the door. Ishmael opens the door and Tom hands him a letter. The letter was from Santa….

Did Santa make Ishmael’s wish come true? Time to leave for Christmas break… We'll continue, January 5, 2010 when we come back from Christmas break to see if Ishmael’s wish came true. Does Sam Tomphson believe?????

By: Ishmael Eddington