Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Boy who Never Gave up on Santa

Since Christmas is in two days, I thought all of you would enjoy this short story about a boy who never gave up on Santa Clause.

Once there was a boy named Joshua who wanted a motorcycle but he had a bully name Mickey. Joshua believed in Santa Clause and Mickey didn’t. So Joshua wrote a letter to Santa Clause. Joshua sent it in the mail and went back home. The next day was the last day of school until the New Year. When Joshua went to school the next day was when he came face to face with Mickey. Mickey was holding the Joshua’s letter to Santa Clause. Joshua had accidently sent Mickey the letter.

Mickey was showed everyone the letter. Everyone started to laugh and make fun of Joshua. Joshua was really sad, but did not give up in believe in Santa Clause. So he wrote another letter and made it was mailed to Santa Clause. Joshua was sure that Santa Clause will get his letter in time.

Around 1:00a.m. Christmas morning, Joshua comes running down the stairs and sees him, Santa Clause. Santa Clause was in his living room. Joshua looks around but does not see a motorcycle. At that moment, all Joshua was thinking was that Santa Clause is really in his house. Joshua goes and gets his mom. When they both came down the stairs, Santa Clause was gone, but there it was a motorcycle…

By: Joshua Latham 4th grade
On Tuesdays, our 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders have descriptive writing class. There are other great stories the youth wrote about how they caught Santa trimming his beard in their bathroom and about a boy who never wanted to take his Christmas pajamas off.


Janet Morrison

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