Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After the Bell: Roseland Library/Bookstore

Did you know that we have a Library/Bookstore open to all of Roseland? You can buy adult, teens, and kids books—25 cents for paperback and 50 cents for hardback books. So far, we’ve sold over $40 worth of books! If you’re a reader and would like to donate your favorites so other people can read them, we’d love that as well!

Hours are:
3:00-7:30 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
3:00-5:30 Friday
10:00-4:00 Saturday

You’re welcome to go hang out in the library, read to your children, buy books, volunteer to help Katrina shelve books, sit and read yourself, etc.

Miss Katrina and Maxine starred in the After the Bell segment on Channel 8 on Monday.

Great job guys!