Saturday, February 27, 2010

Financial Literacy: shopping for snacks on a budget

In March, both Digital Connectors and Teen University, will be engaging in a series of financia literacy activities. Their first assignment was to purchase enough snacks for 25 people with a budget of $125 for our trip to Huston-Tillotson and University of Texas. It was not an easy task to accommodate the taste buds of some many people but Shannon, Chisa, and Alexcia did a wonderful job working together and staying in budget. Their bill was $124.88!

"Shine" on them for staying after the program hours to make a brown bag of snacks for each person and for accepting the challenge.

Shannon taking a moment on the big comfy couch.
Alexcia and Chisa


Janet Morrison

I love this idea of combining an actual shopping trip with a financial literacy curriculum! Nice job in helping hold the teens accountable.

Chisa, Alexcia, and Shannon...thanks for stepping up and being willing to stay and plan for the rest of the group. You had such patience at Sam's and were so kind when I arrived. Your good attitudes were so helpful in that situation!