Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tale of a Mouse, Part 2

I enjoyed Tale of a Mouse at the South Dallas Cultural Center so much last week that I couldn't help but take kids again.

This time we took Iesha (sister of Niesha and Tatiana, both of whom attended last time), Shamaria, and Xavier. Iesha and Shamaria seemed to thoroughly enjoy the play and sat, enthralled, the entire time. Iesha quoted most of the play to Ms. Tameshia...thanks to her sisters re-playing it for her when they got home last week. (Iesha obviously hasn't learned the meaning of "spoiler alert." :) )

Shamaria and Iesha volunteered to participate in the tug of war:

Though the play was great, some of the best moments were when Mr. Harold (the director) allowed everyone to interact with the cast members and the props at the end of the play. Awesome job, South Dallas Cultural Center. Thanks for being in the community and allowing us to be a part of what you do!

Scared of the talking skull

Sad mouse

Mouse bargains with elephant

Shamaria being Arumbaroo

Shamaria posing with Bird

Iesha thinking like Arumbaroo