Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Afterschool Achievers

Sorry for the video quality. My Flip is only as good as the lighting around it and the mini speaker installed in it.

About two years ago, the Dallas After School Network (DASN) was formed. They wanted to create an alliance of after school programs across the city so that we could collaborate, build best practices, and get to know what each other is doing. Two years later, the organization is going strong and helping improve the quality of after school programming in our city.

As a member organization, last night we were able to participate in their 1st annual Afterschool Achievers celebration. Providers as well as parents and city officials came to celebrate students from 20 different after school programs across the city.

The two students we chose to honor out of our Roseland community were:

Darvon Dixon: Darvon is a determined fourth grader, with a can do attitude, and makes it a point to learn new things in and out of the Over the past two years, Darvon has really come along way in making positive choices both socially and academically. Dixon is a great example that “success is a journey not a destination.”

Shenandoah Smith: Great leaders are teachable, great leaders lead by example, great leaders are good listeners, great leaders lead without force, great leaders often step outside of their comfort zone....Shenandoah this is you. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort to lead your peers and giving us the opportunity to watch you grow into the beautiful and intelligent young lady you are.

Thanks to all at DASN who made it happen...and thanks, especially to ALL of the students of the After-School Academy, Library, Digital Connectors, Mid-Teen U, Teen U, Connect U, and Roseland Community Center for being great!



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