Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nazareth Vidal--Moving in to greatness!

Nazareth Vidal is a go-getter! She called Thursday afternoon explaining she had a dilemma. Her school counselor had just given her a scholarship application and it was due in a couple of days. She had to have letters of recommendation and had to fill out the paperwork. Instead of throwing up her hands and saying, "That's not enough time!" Nazareth started making phone calls. By the time I called her back she had already gotten one letter of recommendation and needed one from a community member...which would be me. Despite having a ton of things to do, because she is so persistent and diligent, I took time to write the letter.

Nazareth will be graduating from Skyline high school this year. But she has no intention of taking a break. Nazareth had applied for the Bank of America internship as well as the AmeriCorps position. Nazareth likes making sure all of her bases are covered. She is always looking for a new experience and always wanting to step in to the best possible opportunity she can find. So, when she was chosen as one of the 10 people (out of 400 applicants!) for the Bank of America internship, she seized the opportunity.

Nazareth comes from an amazing family that pushes her and encourages her. As mentioned in the video above, her brother, Gustavo, was also awarded the Bank of America internship two years ago as well. I'm always very proud and humbled to be included in young peoples' successes. I'm always so impressed by young adults like Nazareth.

Congrats, Nazareth!