Monday, September 27, 2010

The Keen Mind of a Teen!

This is the start of a new school year for Teen University. To start off, we asked the teens for any ideas or suggentions that come out of their young minds. They bombarded me with ideas that really caught my attention! They planned a "Teen U Kick Off!" during the first week, inviting all the teens from the Roseland community to visit Teen U in the form of a mixer. It was a success, and we have new teens for the year. Another plan was to fundraise by holding a basketball tournament in the Roseland Recreational Center. But the ideas that really stuck out to me were the suggestion of visiting Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and coming up with "reasonable" rules to reinforce in Teen University (which surprised me that they were so involved in making them).

The teens are very creative and full of ideas, and I am glad we are here, so we can make these ideas come true, and, with our help, encourage them to think like this on their way through high school and upon admission in college.

-Dranoel Wilson


Janet Morrison

I'm so glad to hear this! When I read these things, I realize what kinds of things are really going on and the progress that is being made at Teen U. So glad you've stuck around to see it as well! :) Keep it up!