Monday, September 27, 2010

Teen Univeristy - Hitting the Books!

Welcome back Teen U! *Channeling my inner Nina Simone* - "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life and I'm feeling good!" First I would like to take a moment and thank all of the returning Teens for such an enthusiastic welcome. I would also like to thank the new Teens who have joined us. 2010 is coming to an end but we're just getting started! During the first two weeks I asked the Teens to name some things they needed. I heard "Jobs", so job leads were provided. I heard "a Physics tutor", and yes, a Physics tutor arrived the very next week. From the start you have seen that Teen U is still committed!

Judging from this year's enrollment, and one Teen showing up for tutoring on crutches, I can see that the Teens are committed too! Teen university can be whatever YOU make it. I've got your back 100%. Let's show 'em how we do it Teen U!

Ninah ;-)


james meshell

well as long as they are showing up to leartn about college they are on my good side

James Meshell

As long as they are learning about college they are on my good side.