Friday, April 15, 2011

Design Squad-Watercraft!


The challenge in this design squad activity was to see if the kids could design and build a boat out of straws and plastic wrap that could hold one or two AA batteries for at least ten seconds before sinking. The teens were force to ask themselves how they could design and build a boat that not only floats, but can withstand a heavy load. They also had to determine how big they needed to make their boat, and if their boat should be a platform (raft), or an open boat (canoe). This activity also taught the kids about the design process because they constantly had to build, test, evaluate and redesign until they got the results that they desired. Although this activity did bring about a little frustration in the beginning, when the teens finally got the results that they were seeking it eventually turned into a friendly competition to see whose boat could hold the most and stay afloat the longest. J