Friday, April 22, 2011

MTU College Trip- University of North Texas

The teens took a college trip to University of North Texas on Saturday April 2, 2011. They were able to attend various workshops that provided them with an abundance of information about the university, and the different majors they offer. They also learned about the extracurricular activities that they could get involved in if they were to become a student on that campus. The teens enjoyed visiting the University of North Texas, and they had many questions about life on a college campus. They absolutely can’t wait to go visit other Universities.

After the college tour, they were able to tour an organic restaurant and grocery store so they could learn more about organic foods and how they are grown and prepared. The teens really enjoyed touring the grocery store and reading the labels on many of the food items to see how they differed from other food items that they normally eat and buy from the grocery store near their home.


Janet Morrison

I didn't know they got a tour! How cool is that! I hope they get to go back and actually eat the food! :)