Thursday, November 05, 2009

Does Money Make You Successful? The Battle at Teen U

Last week, Crystal, one of the teen participants at Teen U stated that "Money means you are successful!" Who would have thought that this one statement would have caused such an uproar. Terrance allowed them to divide into groups--those who think money makes you successful or "the dark side" and those who believe that having money does not determine your success, "the light side"; they brainstormed about reasons to support their opinions. Unfortunately, the teens did not get a chance to debate their sides.

On Monday, I began a lesson about leadership. I felt it to be appropriate because I see TONS of leadership displayed amongst the teens just not implemented in the right format. Again, I divided them into 2 presidential campaigns and had a mock presidential debate between candidates--Reshia (Warrenreshia) and Bay Bay (Warzandrelle), who happen to be sisters. At the conclusion of a VERY lengthy debate, we held elections and Reshia won.

After seeing how enthusiastic the teens were about the "debate", Terrance decided we should crank up the success debate once again. The setting was very socratic and professional; at some points the teens got EXTREMELY rowdy, but it was beautiful to see them so passionate about an activity. It was hard to not get persuaded to one side or another.

I know that once the computers for Digital Connectors get internet access and they are able to research actual facts to support their opinions, the teens will only excell in the debate process.

I can't wait!


Janet Morrison

I had missed this post! I love it! I'm so glad you joined our team...and I'm so glad you recognized day one that you just joined the "family." We are all learning and we welcome you to join us in that. :)