Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Funny Bug and Funny Faces.

My class also played "Funny Bug" for KidzMath this week.
Here's what a few of the teams came up with:

My class also decided that they wanted to see how many funny faces they could make.
Here are a few of the faces they came up with.



LaDaysha, KyLeon, and Shamaria,

Boy you guys are really working hard and I bet you feel good about it. Take care of one another and I'll be watching to see you again.

Love you all!!! Ms. Bert


LaDaysha, KyLeon, and Shammaria,

What a great job you are doing with you math, reading and gardening.

I am watching you grow and learn, so keep up the good work.

Love you all. Ms. Bert